My Brother and the Karaoke Radio

The goal of this blog is to give listeners a deeper insight into my storytelling process and my personhood. Enjoy!

My brother and I had wild imaginations as children. I’m not sure if this photo was even taken around Halloween because we’d dress up and pretend to be characters all the time. It was around this time that I started to really love storytelling…

My brother and I even created our own radio show. “The Aaron and Alex Radio Show”  We would use a Fisher-Price microphone/karaoke toy and record our episodes on cassette tapes. In my mind I always felt like someone out there could hear it. I don’t think they did...Now in 2019, with my podcast #7minutestories I am still sharing stories. Only this time it’s not on a children’s microphone. It’s with you. Oh, and my brother Alex is telling stories too. He’s a senior copywriter at American Greetings.