The 7ms Team


Cori Birce


Cori is the glue that keeps the podcast together. She helps coordinate and produce episodes. She lends her vocal talents to 7ms by voicing the intros and outros of every episode. She also handles PR and media relations on behalf of the podcast. In her “spare time” when she is not being a super-cool mom to three kids, she works part-time in the t-shirt industry and writes her own blog. You can check it out at

Ken Wendt.jpg

Ken WeNDT:

Audio Production

Dr. Ken Wendt teaches courses in Music Technology at Case Western Reserve University. He also owns a production company ( specializing in both professional video and audio. A Northeast Ohio native and professional musician by trade, he has been performing, composing, and collaborating with other artists for over 15 years.


Pete Whitehead:

Original Art

Pete has been interested in creating images and telling stories ever since he was a little guy. As he got older, he realized that all the time he spent drawing, (to avoid homework), was actually a skill set that he could use in his adult life. He went to Rhode Island School of Design and majored in “old school” Illustration but has thoroughly embraced and meshed the digital world into his work over the years. He was already busy drawing pictures of Aaron as an escape from work tedium, when Aaron asked if he would be interested in creating illustrations for 7 Minute Stories. Of course he said “yes”. Find out more about Pete’s art at


Aaron Calafato:

Creator & storyteller

Aaron's primary form of expression is that of a Storyteller using both live performance (stage) and audio (podcast) as his mediums. Calafato's storytelling style has been compared to that of monologist Spalding Gray and radio legend Jean Shepard. His monologues, stories, and events have been screened and staged over 150 times in 20 states. Aaron launched 7 Minute Stories in May of 2018. Aaron’s 7ms are performed and recorded extemporaneously. He releases a new story every week. CNN’s Van Jones had this to say about Aaron’s storytelling ability: “Have you ever seen the heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano fight? He throws as many punches as he can and gives you everything he has before that bell rings. That’s what listening to Aaron Calafato tell a story is like.”